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The Most Popular Roulette Players In The World


Roulette game is a highly popular game of chance. It is played worldwide and considered to be the most famous among other casino games of skill.

However, roulette online has no particular strategies and useful systems, many players succeed and won big. Similar to blackjack players being added to the Hall of Fame there is Roulette Hall of Fame honoring roulette players contributed to the game.

Roulette Hall of Fame

All players on the list were successful playing roulette Canada. Some of them were even pioneers of the game. The gamblers listed below discovered their ways of playing this intriguing game of chance and beating the casino house edge. They are professionals having a good part of luck to wing large sums of money on becric casino.

Let us meet the most famous roulette players from all over the world:

  • Joseph Jaggers (1873) managed to beat the casinos by playing roulette in Monte Carlo.
  • William Darnborough (1904) was the first American player to gamble in the systematic manner trying to figure out the area of balls dropping. William managed to win on regular basis, although the sums were not that big. However, when playing in Monaco he won $ 500,000 and his play was considered to be unique.
  • Edward O. Thorp & Claude E. Shannon (1961) are the famous gamblers playing not only baccarat but also blackjack. They were highly successful in this game of chance with the help of using the microcomputer hidden in the pack of cigarettes.
  • Norman Leigh (1966) was practicing the team play together with 12 players.
  • Richard Jarecki (1969) was famous for taking advantage of the broken roulette wheel.
  • The Eudaemons group (1978), the Californian team of physics students, was famous for creating the small computer that can be hidden in the shoe.
  • Scott Lang (1983) published the book on teaching to win in roulette by using the stopwatch.
  • Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo (1990) was famous for wining $ 1 000, 000 in roulette.
  • Fraud at Casino Velden (2003) was a famous group of swindlers that were using special gadget and winning € 700,000.

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