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The Most Famous Poker Gamblers Around The Globe


Daniel Negreanu is highly recognized and famous poker player around the globe. His fame is the result of his hard work on practicing poker gaming skills and incredible wish to become a winner. Daniel is a very determined young man wishing to live big. Even at the college years Daniel was fascinated by casino games, especially poker. Started playing poker at the age of 15 Daniel has taken the second place in the list of Top money poker winners at the age of 35.

Poker success

Daniel Negreanu also known as "Kid Poker", the native Toronto citizen, was expelled from college at the age of 21. It was just a year before his graduation. After this failure Daniel didn't waste his time and went to Las Vegas to seek his destiny in the gaming world. He wanted to become one of the famous poker stars. He heard of many other famous poker players and decided to be one of them.

Daniel Negreanu took the poker gambling world by storm; he started winning poker tournaments over and over again without looking back. He started playing at poker championships in 1997 and in 2004 he won his first million, to be precise the sum estimated to $1,117,400. After just couple of months another great success - $1,770,218 for the first place in the poker championship.

Daniel Negreanu was highly successful and got more than thirty victories in poker tournaments around the globe. His total earnings amounted to $12,668,866.

Other activities

Apart from being the famous poker star, Daniel Negreanu is also a tutor for beginner poker players at Poker School Online. This school has written over one hundred articles on poker and sport. Negreanu is living in Las Vegas, the heart of gambling world. He remains to be the example that all dreams can come true if lots of efforts are put to reach the goal.

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