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Stanford Wong Is Very Famous In Blackjack History


Stanford Wong is the name taken as a pseudonym. Wong is considered to be one of the most famous blackjack players around the globe and he actually is.

He is the honored member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame as the professional gambler and the author of several books on blackjack.


Stanford Wong lives in California. From the early childhood he loved to figure out solutions for puzzles and complicated games.

At the age of 12, Stanford Wong started to be interested in the blackjack game and its secrets. He was using the calculator and his skills at the game. Later, he read the Edward O. Thorp's book Beat the Dealer that was his first acquaintance with blackjack card counting system.

Wong's activities

Stanford Wong started his way to the professional blackjack player by learning all rules and strategies of the game. He read all possible books on blackjack theory and understood that these books were oriented to single deck blackjack. No book was available for strategy when playing 4-deck blackjack, so he decided to fill that gap.

Wong's most famous book, published in 1975, is called "Professional Blackjack" (a reference book of many blackjack online players). Another controversial book written by Stanford is "Wong on Dice" where he described the tactics in playing craps. In this book he affirms that even in such pure game of chance as Craps he could control the dice throwing.

Books were not the only passion for Stanford Wong. At his early age he created the computer program called "Blackjack Analyzer". It was invented for personal use only but soon afterwards became the first software program for blackjack odds analyzer available for public.

Stanford Wong today

Stanford Wong does not play blackjack professionally but still maintains the blackjack websites with the latest information on rules, strategies, gaming conditions in the special newsletter called "Current Blackjack News".

In addition to that Wong is a good consultant for the famous blackjack writes in the USA.

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