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Ken Uston Is a Honored Member of Blackjack Hall of Fame


Ken Uston is considered to be one of the best blackjack players in the history of the game. The top years of his success are the period from 1970s to 1980s. Uston is a real mathematical genius who work hard all of his life to get what he had.


Ken Uston was born in 1935 in New York. His parents were immigrants from Japan and Austria. Uston was a brilliant young man and graduated from Yale University and got the degree in economics. He continued his studies and received the MBA in finance from university in Harvard. Uston entered quickly the business world and in his thirties he was the youngest vice president at Pacific stock Exchange.

From business executive to professional blackjack player

Ken Uston met Al Francesco, one of the famous blackjack players, and this meeting changed the blackjack history for ever.

Ken Uston was trained and soon became the member of Al's team of blackjack players. The scheme of playing blackjack helped the players to win big without being noticed. The card counters were sitting at the different players and made small bets using mathematical betting systems as well as keeping card track and if the bets were favorable for them they signaled The Big Player and he came and placed high bets to wing lots of money.

Own blackjack team

Ken Uston created his own blackjack team that played in various casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City. His team cooperated with the Californian scientist who created the computer called George. This device was invented to help players when playing blackjack. It was small portable computer that was hidden in the player's shoe and had the ability to calculate the blackjack odds and gave player the instructions on whether to hit, stand, double or split.

Ken Uston and his team won millions of dollars with the help of card counting technique and the portable computer. In addition to that he wrote several books on the blackjack strategy called Ken Uston on Blackjack, Million Dollar Blackjack and The Big Player.

Ken Uston died at the age of 52 in 1897.

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