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The Origin of Gambling

When you find yourself sitting in a casino, looking at all of the different kinds of people around you, you might stop thinking about latest bingo promotion code and switch you mind to some pretty unusual things. As exciting as casinos are, sometimes you’re feeling pretty introspective and you think to yourself, where exactly did all of this come from? What are the origins of gambling? Everybody has participated in its history– the Chinese have had gambling for centuries, as have the Europeans and the Americans. It seems like every culture features some form of regulated (or in some cases unregulated) wagering. So let’s take a look at the origins of gambling.

The Very Beginning

The first actual written accounts of gambling come from the Chinese, all the way from 2000 BC. But it wasn’t just the Chinese that have had gambling for such a long time. The ancient Greeks, the Romans… gambling is about as old as culture itself.

Europe first established a casino in Italy in the 1600’s. This early, regulated attempt at gambling did not last very long. But the 1700’s the government closed it down because the locals were playing too much.

America has had a rocky history with gambling, as well. New Orleans, St. Louis… many great American cities established gambling saloons in the 1800’s. However, by the early 1900’s many states had outlawed gambling institutions for the same reason that Italy did. In subsequent years the legislation has relaxed and given Americans access to casinos again.

The Influence of Gambling in History

Casinos have had a huge influence of world history. The Bible makes many references to the “casting of lots,” which most likely meant the throwing of something similar to dice. Gambling has even made its way into language and the legal system. The Greeks used the work “dike” for justice, which literally means “to throw,” as one would a dice. This has been used in the context of “throwing” justice in a court decision.

And mathematicians have also taken an interest in gambling. The calculation of odds and probability has been a great use not just to gamblers but anybody looking to make an informed decision. All of these historical insights helped gambling move from the peripheries of society into the mainstream.


Gambling has had a unique relationship with human history. On one hand, it has been around since the very beginning. On the other, many groups have attempted to ban it. However, almost every culture eventually concludes that informed populaces are more than capable of handing the task of responsible gambling.

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